Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How important is the trust on high-tech marked cards and kind people?

When falling into the water, you will give your hand to someone who may hand you up. Only you trust him, will you give him your hand. 
This happens when a girl get married. Only her father trusts that guy can he agrees to marry his daughter to that guy. These are very classic moments.
When you graduate from universities and choose a job in the society, you will work in a place where you trust the leader or boss only. 
It’s the same when in turn. No one would hire a man in whom he doesn’t trust. Only trust each other, can we work well and cooperate well with each other.
When referring to the some poker cameras to scan marked cards for poker analyzer, we need to trust our technicians about it. If you need power bank scanning camera of 50-70cm,please trust me and our technicans and give us some time for it if I can you we can. Since the players may take different seats and need different distance between the playing cards to the poker scanning camera, we will customize the right product for you after you confirm the order. What’s more, we can always fix or change the right one for you if anything doesn’t suit to the requirements.

“What if you cheat me?” Oh that’s the point. What if I cheat you? I may lose all business and friendship with you. And you may probably say something bad to my reputation in my website or to my customers. That’s really bad for me.
However, if you always think that what if I am cheated, you would never get what you need, because you don’t trust anything like the luminous marked cards or UV contact lenses.

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